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Tribal Wi-Chi-Way-Win Capital Corporation

To provide assistance for the establishment, expansion or diversification of self-sustaining First Nations businesses in Manitoba.
To improve the access to capital for First Nations businesses that have traditionally had difficulty in obtaining conventional commercial financing.
To promote the orderly growth and development of the network of commercial loan corporations owned and controlled by First Nations people.
Any member (18 years or older) of the participating Tribal Councils or independent First Nations who wishes to start, expand or acquire a commercial business in Manitoba and is a resident of Manitoba.
All sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations that are approved by Tribal Wi-Chi-Way-Win Capital Corporation and where a Status Indian has a controlling interest and where all such entities will be resident and/or registered in Manitoba and will be owned by First Nations member(s).
Minimum 10% equity required.

Type of Assistance:
Direct Term Loans
Working Capital Loans
Bridging Loans
Franchise or Dealer Fee Loans

Aboriginal Procurement Project: To provide a bid-matching service that would facilitate the following:
Inter-Aboriginal business activity.
Business activity between Aboriginal and Corporate sectors.
Federal Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses (PSAB).

Bid-Matching Services Include:
Guidance for Aboriginal businesses in preparation of company profiles, bid proposals and business plans.
Assistance for Aboriginal businesses in finding lines of credit and capital financing.
Guidance and direction in the structuring of joint ventures with other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses.

Tribal Wi-Chi-Way-Win Capital Corporation
203 - 400 St. Mary Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4K5
Phone: (204) 943-0888
Fax: (204) 946-5318
Toll Free: 1-800-568-8488

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