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Community Places Program

Purpose: To contribute to the general well-being of Manitoba communities by assisting non-profit organizations to undertake facility projects they initiate, to provide long-term wellness, recreational and social benefits for their community.

Types of Assistance:
Grants - Community groups sponsoring projects involving the construction, purchase, upgrading, or expansion of recreational facilities, libraries, museums, cultural facilities, community parks/playgrounds, child day cares, seniors' activity centres, facilities for the disabled and community resource centres can apply to the Program for up to 50% of the first $15,000 of project costs and up to 1/3 of project costs over that amount. The maximum grant is $50,000.

Technical Consultation Services - These services are provided by the Program's Facility Consultant who assists community groups in the planning and development of facility projects. Consultations include planning and design advice, project and operating cost projections, information on regulatory requirements, the provision of schematic drawings and assistance with the tendering process.

Eligibility Criteria: Eligible to apply are non-profit community organizations throughout Manitoba with the exception of public schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial co-operatives and federal, provincial and City of Winnipeg departments and agencies. Ineligible projects include those involving housing, worship space and municipal services.

Project Funding: Project sponsors' contribution to project costs can include locally raised funds, other non-Provincial sources, volunteer labour, donated materials and loaned heavy construction equipment. In communities under the jurisdiction of the Northern Affairs Act, Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs may provide the local government portion of eligible project costs.

Grant Payment Process: Community Places grants are paid to project sponsors in instalments based on project progress. Projects are monitored by Program staff in Winnipeg and by Culture, Heritage and Tourism regional staff in the rest of the province.

Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Community Places Program
3rd Floor - 213 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1N3
Phone: (204) 945-0502
Fax: (204) 948-2086

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